LWTD #3: Playtesting, Explosions & Tackling Classroom-VR

Hey you! Quick, look under your seat, we got you a brand new podcast episode! 🎁

This time we cover lots of stuff, partly because it’s been ages since the last episode. Oops. Here are the relevant timestamps:

  • 00:13 Introducing James Gaiser: From Pharmaceuticals to Game Development and Education
  • 06:05 Playtesting Tablecraft: Top hats and TNT
  • 17:40 I/ITSEC: Military folks giggling at poop jokes, Not Suspicious wins an award and brings back the cha-cha-slide
  • 24:30 The most important deadline in Not Suspicious history (thus far)
  • 31:50 Tablecraft Multiplayer & Solving Classroom-VR
  • 37:20 Levitation, new craftables & upcoming features

Until next time, happy holidays!

Tablecraft invited to UCF’s National Academy of Inventors’ Gala

Alô, Alô, it’s me, Rafael, straight from the grant writing trenches. Guillaume and I have lots of exciting news to share, but we’ll save most of it for the upcoming podcast episode. 😉 In the meantime, however, I’d like to announce that we’ll be showcasing Tablecraft at the UCF Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors’ Third Annual Gala and Induction Ceremony on November 15th, which is exciting but also kinda weird.

The Gala is essentially a fancy cocktail reception and dinner where researchers and inventors discuss their latest discoveries and innovations. This is how I imagine it’ll go:

“Oh and we have a Discord channel too, you should check it out.”

Anyway, we’re super excited to get to meet all these incredibly talented scientists and researchers working to solve big problems. Even though our work is silly in comparison, I’d like to think we share similar values, so hopefully Guillaume and I will manage to blend right in without seeming too suspicious. 😉