Tablecraft a finalist at the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

Too Many Blobs!

Whaaaat, Tablecraft has been selected as one of the finalists that’ll be showcasing at the I/ITSEC conference in Orlando, Florida next month. We’ll be there as part of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (duh, you can’t get any more serious than Element poopin’ Blobs 😉), competing for the following awards:

  • 2018 Best Serious Game Award in the Student category as judged by the SGS&C evaluators
  • 2018 Students’ Choice Award as judged by middle and high school students
  • The Innovation Award as judged by the SGS&C Innovation Committee
  • The coveted 2018 People’s Choice Award as judged by conference attendees
  • The XR Award for the best XR game as judged by the SGS&C XR Committee

We’ve also been invited to showcase at Otronicon, another conference taking place in Orlando, Florida, in January 2019, so see you there as well! Wohoo! Exciting! 🚀🚀

Edit (Dec 1st, 2018): We won Best Serious Game in the Student category! 🎉🎉

LWTD #2: Oculus Quest, Ed Games Expo, The Periodic Table & More

Extra! Extra!
Lunch with the Devs #2 is right out of the oven! Have it while it’s hot! ♨️

Here’s a summary of what we cover in this episode:

  • 01:50 Oculus Quest and the future of VR
  • 11:15 Awards and competitions
  • 15:10 Ed Games Expo and working with schools
  • 21:20 Grant talks, research and the education industry
  • 34:40 Things we worked on these past weeks
    • Isotope polish
    • Recipes that support multiple of the same element
    • Enhancing the Periodic Table
    • Enhancing the player’s desk
  • 50:35 Things we’ll probably work on in the coming weeks:
    • More SBIR paperwork and research
    • Periodic Table polish
    • Better hands… maybe?
    • Blob improvements… maybe?
  • Blob poop