LWTD #1: G4C, Acquisition Offers, SBIR & Not Suspicious

Ahoyyyyy my fellow Tablecrafters, it’s devlog time! 🙌
Welcome to the first edition of Lunch with the Devs, a 30-minute long podcast where Guillaume and I talk about all the things we’ve been up to as well as things to look forward to! Give it a listen on your next trip to the toilet and let us know what you think on Discord!

Here’s a quick rundown of the topics we cover in the video, for those of you having a hard time deciding whether you should invest the time or not:

  • Games For Change
  • Acquisition offers
  • The SBIR government grant
  • The VR educational space
  • Our new company: Not Suspicious, LLC
  • Ramping up production
  • Things we worked on this past week
    • Better VR buttons and haptic feedback
    • Isotopes, radiation and decay chains
    • Better movement for our robot assistant
    • Making the lab more playful
  • Things we’ll probably work on in the coming week(s)
    • Expanding the Periodic Table interactivity
    • Designing a pilot study for the SBIR
    • Radiation and decay chains improvements
    • “Telekinesis”
    • Treehouse improvements
  • ASMR with the Devs

Also, worth correcting:
1. I *can* technically work in the US, but not on my own company. It’s complicated.
2. There’s actually more than a thousand isotopes but I only added the “main” ones!
3. Fabiana is actually part-time, not full-time.

Cheers! 🚀

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