LWTD #3: Playtesting, Explosions & Tackling Classroom-VR

Hey you! Quick, look under your seat, we got you a brand new podcast episode! 🎁

This time we cover lots of stuff, partly because it’s been ages since the last episode. Oops. Here are the relevant timestamps:

  • 00:13 Introducing James Gaiser: From Pharmaceuticals to Game Development and Education
  • 06:05 Playtesting Tablecraft: Top hats and TNT
  • 17:40 I/ITSEC: Military folks giggling at poop jokes, Not Suspicious wins an award and brings back the cha-cha-slide
  • 24:30 The most important deadline in Not Suspicious history (thus far)
  • 31:50 Tablecraft Multiplayer & Solving Classroom-VR
  • 37:20 Levitation, new craftables & upcoming features

Until next time, happy holidays!

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