Hi, I’m Rahul.

Good to see you there, reader. I’m the new programmer on the team which means I mostly help folks with their Git clients. But in the meantime, I hope to also help make Tablecraft a real thing that runs on stuff like the Oculus Quest.

Aside from making games, I enjoy writing fiction. I usually write short stories, because I mostly just want to get some experience or emotion out there, in a way that others may also experience it. Other than that I play music and go on long walks for fun and relaxation.

As part of his elaborate social engineering scheme, Rafael has asked me to answer some questions here. Hopefully this won’t be my undoing.

Have you ever tried to bake a cake? How did it go? Got any pics to support your claims?

Nope. I tried to bake some cookie dough into cookies in a toaster oven as a kid, but realized just eating the uncooked dough is much easier.

Please help us put an end to the most debated issue in science. Once and for all, which Periodic Element has the coolest sounding name?

Plumbum. Shame it isn’t called that anymore.

What was the piece of work in your portfolio that you’ve had the most fun producing? Tell us about it – maybe show it to us if you can!

I’ve had a lot of fun making most of the games on my portfolio. But I think the most fun I’ve had was with “Surreal Road Trip,” which is an absurd and comedic tabletop RPG. With writing it’s pretty easy to drive towards a specific mood, but that’s not as easy for games, especially when it comes to mechanics. So it was nice to indulge in the freedom of tabletop RPGs to drive towards absurd and funny moments, which happen in a lot of DnD campaigns anyway. The best part of making the game was watching people play-test it and enjoying their antics.

Feel free to download the rules sheet at my portfolio, and let me know what you think.

If you were not working in the field that you work now, what kind of work would you see yourself doing?

No idea. I’m kind of in the process of figuring it out right now. I enjoy writing and game design so I’d love to do those more. But my day job has almost always been games programming (it’s so much more marketable). So maybe I’ll go super into programming eventually and do what I like on the side. I don’t know.

What’s a recent book you’ve read, movie you’ve watched or game you’ve played that has had an impact on your work or life? Tell us about it!

If this counts, I recently watched someone play a bit of “What remains of Edith Finch” on YouTube. It looks like a really good game, and it made me think about walking sims in general, or just games which make good use of traversal, I guess.

I realized the experience of walking, being in the moment and reflecting, is kind of unique to games. It really made me appreciate Shadow of the Colossus, with its long traversal sections, even more.

What’s your favorite YouTube channel right now? What’s it about?

I really enjoy Lessons from the Screenplay, a channel about script writing. It’s nice to look at screenplay, which is often highly structured, to kind of understand the more fundamental gears and levers you pull when you’re writing. I also enjoy their podcast. A great listen while I’m on a walk.

Also while I’m at it, do check out “u m a m i” if you have the time. I recommend watching “The Cycle of Life.”

Very well… welcome!

Anyway, thanks for reading! I’m excited to work with everyone, and I hope we all have a good time together.


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